The Midwest is home to Carissa; the idyllic farm community she grew up in strongly impacts her work while serving as an inspiration and a daily reminder to breathe deeply and appreciate the simplicity and artistry of what surrounds us. A small village nestled in the rolling hills of Germany is home to Gabriel; growing up in a quaint European community has given him a unique perspective in his work and a passion for the celebration of love and preservation of history.

We love languages. Gabriel picks languages up incredibly quickly and is fluent in three: German, English and French. Carissa has to work a little harder, but the opportunities learning a language creates are worth every second. 


We love to travel. We would gladly spend the rest of our lives seeing the world, meeting new people and experiencing all that it has to offer.


We are “international” high school sweethearts. We met when we were 16 years old while Gabriel was an exchange student in North Dakota. 


In our free time, we love spending our evenings horseback riding, gardening and taking our dogs on long walks along the quiet gravel roads.

Farm Life

We highly believe in sustainability. We want to not only capture the beauty of the natural world, but preserve it as well. 


One of our biggest dreams is to one day be able to restore an old Victorian farmhouse.